More Than Miles - Brantley Gilbert

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Make an effort with grandparents. Give tips to your brother on that girl he has a crush on. Tell your mom she looks beautiful even if her hair’s a mess and her eyes look tired. And for the love of god, hug your dad more often - he needs to be reminded that you’re still that little girl. Family is the one thing we all take for granted, yet the last thing we should.
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Got my baby today, so happy with him. He’s so sweet & relaxed. His name is Bandit!

skibikeandcuddles asked:
I hope you are..

I’m fine! Thanks!

carhartt-princess asked:
what happened? everything okay?!im here if you need to talk

Yeah just dealing with stupid stuff & thankyou!

Why must I always fuck things up

"I’m getting sick of being a ghost no one can hurt me but no one will kiss me either”